Just like we can’t live without air, our skin needs to breathe. If piled up dead skin cells clog pores, it causes acne and even makes your skin look dull and dry. This happens more frequently as we age, since the process of skin regeneration slows down and it takes more time for our skin cells to shed and regenerate. Therefore, proper exfoliation of dead skin cells on a regular basis is a must if you want a healthy, glowing skin.  

Let’s look into two different types of exfoliation -  physical and chemical.  

Physical Exfoliation

You might be familiar with physical exfoliation - it’s literally scrubbing your skin with exfoliants such as brush or small grains to remove dead skin cells. You might think it is effective since it’s visually satisfying. However, physical exfoliation can lead to over-exfoliating which results in dry, irritated skin. It can even leave you with invisible micro tears on skin.

This leads us to our next option, which might be a great solution for those with extremely sensitive skin. 

Chemical Exfoliation

Simply put, chemical exfoliation uses acids to gently remove dead skin cells. Some of you might think ‘Wow hold up, ACID? Is it safe to use?’. Well, yes! Since it includes a low proportion of gentle and mild acid, it’s 200% safe.  Plus, unlike physical exfoliation, it doesn’t leave micro tears on skin while improving your skin to be smoother and brighter.  

Among all different kinds of chemical exfoliants out there, AHA might be the most commonly used ingredient that is used for skin care. AHAs, which stands for Alpha-Hydroxy Acids, are groups of water-soluble acids derived from fruits and plants. Their main role is to encourage the exfoliation of dead skin cells and reveal healthy, fresh new skin cells.

In this post, we’ll be covering the most well known and widely used acid in the AHA family - Glycolic and Lactic acid.


First up is glycolic acid. Found in sugar cane, its main role is to break down and eliminate dead skin cells. Because of Glycolic acid’s small molecule size, it can effectively penetrate the skin resulting in faster cell turnoverPlus, it has been shown to be effective at stimulating collagen production for supple skin. 


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Lactic acid, another AHA found in milk, does a similar job to glycolic acid but is a little bit more gentle and mild. It’s more effective at improving skin texture and tone, which is why Cleopatra used to soak in milk for her complexion.



If you have decided to use chemical exfoliator and don’t know which product to begin with, we highly recommend you to try YES, I AM TONER AHA 5%, especially for those with sensitive skin. We were able to formulate the best combination of Glycolic and Lactic acids with Panthenol, an ingredient that provides moisture and nutrients to the skin.

With YES I AM TONER AHA 5%, you will be able to exfoliate dead skin cells without any skin irritation.


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