JUMISO's pathway to put a SMILE ON you.

Phase 1   JU;MISO

Ju : give + Miso : smile = 'Give you Smile' in Korean

From 2016, we started this journey with a mission to make people smile through our skincare products.
At the early stage, we focused more on the visual aspects of smile.                   
We created our own characters as a medium to deliver stories and messages about our slogan, ‘Make You Smile’.
We believe this gave users a better understanding of our brand and products.


Phase 2   Smile ON 

cONfidence + wONder + bONding

Beyond our slogan ‘Make You Smile’, we wanted to talk more deeply about the fundamental factors that make people smile and eventually bring positive changes to our society.

We started the whole process by asking questions such as
“How can we make people smile with our products?”
“How can we make positive changes to the world by making people smile?”
As an answer to those questions, we came up with our new brand philosophy, ‘Smile ON’.
‘Smile ON’ is not only about making you smile - It also contains three essence values that we pursue through our skincare products.

smile cONfidence 

We believe beautiful, healthy skin is the first step to better self-image.
We hope you to be confident in any circumstances.

smile wONder 

We have developed our skin care products based on years of study and valuable user feedback. Now it’s your turn to experience the wonders of Jumiso.

smile bONding

Beyond confident individuals, our ultimate goal is to make people feel belonged and bonded in a community where each and everyone’s values are appreciated.

It’s about making you cONfident.

It’s about showing you skincare wONders.

It’s about making a bONding community.

July 29, 2020 — Siheon Keum

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