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🧡All Day Vitamin Brightening & Balancing Serum: 0% water content serum with nourishing Vitamin complexes.

💚Super Soothing Cica & Aloe Facial Serum: 0% water content serum with moisturizing Hyaluronic Acid.

💗AC Cure No Pain No Gain Spot Cream: Must-have for acne prone skin. Reliving and soothing skin stress.

💛Have a Good Cream Snail & Centella: Ultimate soothing moisturizer for all skin types.

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👉 Dermatologically tested, Cruelty free, Plant-based

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About us "Jumiso"

"Living a life full of confidence, wonder and bonding."

'Smile ON'

is not only about making you smile.

It also contains three essence values that we pursue through our skincare products.


We'd like to give you a smile

Our brand was motivated by a Korean word,‘Miso’.

‘Miso’ is Korean for ‘smile’ and ‘Ju’ means ‘to give’.

Combining those two, we started this brand
with a mission to make people smile.

For brand identity, we created a logo that delivers a clear understanding
of the core value while making our brand more iconic and unique.

Behind the Brand

We have created our own characters and illustrations to reflect
the brand philosophy and identity more clearly on product packaging.